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High Quality Kiosks Made in USA at Reasonable Prices.






Kiosks, Inc. is a trusted name in providing custom computer kiosk solutions for a wide range of markets. A computer kiosk or kiosk pc is basically a stationary or mobile PC unit with its various components such as keyboard and monitor enclosed in a single housing unit designed to perform different kinds of self-service functions for the convenience of customers. Custom Kiosk Manufacturer

What it can do?

The functionalities included in a computer kiosk depend on the nature of business of the deployer. For instance, it can be used as a self-service device for an event having a large number of participants, each requiring registration. A kiosk pc can greatly facilitate the quick entry process by participants instead of each one of them signing an attendance sheet and entering relevant details themselves or with the help of event handlers. The participants may simply enter their names, relevant details and maybe an identification document such as credit card or the event ticket. All the information is automatically stored for use by the program mangers later on for different purposes.

Self service design

Our computer kiosks come with pre-packaged software to handle the specific tasks for which they are designed. Because they are designed to be used without any outside instructions, a good amount of expertise is required so that the hardware layout and software design are intuitively understood by the users. The design of operating system is usually common so that majority of users can instantaneously understand the procedure for operating these kiosks.

Wide ranging applications

Kiosk pc has found wide ranging applications in different business area. In fact, Kiosks, Inc. has custom design for computer kiosk intended to be used as retail kiosks, check-in kiosks, order entry kiosks, bill payment kiosks, financial kiosks, HR kiosks, photo kiosks, gaming kiosks and many more. Each of these kiosks are characterized by a process automation routine that saves cost due to elimination of overhead staff, enhanced revenue due to better customer satisfaction and various cross sale opportunities.

Stationary or mobile

These kiosks need not be stationary devices. You can have them designed as mobile kiosks if the machine is required to move from one user to another as in case of hospitals. If a nurse is required to move around from one patient to another with a computer access all the time so as to punch in or retrieve patient specific information, a mobile kiosk is the most ideally suited design. Modern technological advances have even removed the need for these kiosks to have any keyboard attached to them, as they operate on touch screen technology. Our products are quite user-friendly too and the user does not need to be a computer literate to operate them.